Supply of industrial chemicals

Base and special chemicals products: procurement, sale and warehousing

Valuechem operations include the procurement, warehousing and supply of industrial chemicals, including aluminum sulphate, tri-hydrated alumina, maleic anhydride, soda bicarbonate, PVC resin, phtalic anhydride and lithium chemicals. The company, which is based in Milan, is focused in several industrial sectors, from construction chemicals to agro-food, leather industry, resins, polymers, powder coatings, plastics and detergents, always providing high quality and reliable safety standards.

Quality of the product, flexibility, competence and efficiency in all stages of processing, from orders to deliveries, differentiate the offer of Valuechem. In the meantime,  attention to nature and environmental protection is the added value of a company which is market leader in the segments in which it operates and is internationally recognized for the quality of its service.

Solid and liquid aluminum sulphate and tri-hydrated alumina (Kemipal ©)

Maleic Anhydride in flakes and liquid

Lithium chemicals (lithium sulphate, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride and others)

Soda Bicarbonate (Technical and Food Grade) for various industrial sectors

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Kemira‘s products

Valuechem is the exclusive distributor for Italy of aluminium sulphate and aluminium hydroxide (ATH) produced by Kemira KTM d.o.o. , one of the most important companies in the industry, with its plant located in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

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